Set of caña guadua trees, a bamboo subfamily exclusive to Latin America. This tree is widely used in the country to build rural houses.

The oldest constructions of this material in Ecuador are about 9500 years old.

Ex: He went to the guadual with his machete and with the caña guadua built his house.


It comes from the words "permanent agriculture". Its system is based on natural patterns of the ecosystem and its main philosophy is to work with and not against nature.

Example: Since applying permaculture, the use of pesticides is not necessary because the plants take care of themselves.

Beachbreak / Pointbreak

It is the way to refer to two different types of waves, beachbreak being the waves that burst over a wide area of sandy beach, while pointbreak refers to the crashing waves at a defined point and reduced coastal area.

Ex: If I go to surf the beach break I will have to paddle a lot, but if I go to the pointbreak I will fall on the rocks for sure.


Also known as porongo, it is grown primarily for use as container when dry to drink yerba mate, hence the name of the drink.

Ex: With these ancestral mate dishes the kitchen of my beach house will look amazing.


Man of the Ecuadorian coast that is usually devoted to agriculture. Their culture is rich in traditions and customs.

For a couple of years now the RAE included montuvio with a 'vee' to differentiate the man from the coast of the adjective ‘montubio’.

Ex: There isn’t a montuvio that an amorfino can’t recite.

Ruta del Spondylus (E35)

Formerly known as the Ruta del Sol, it refers to the highway and the areas that cover the entire coastal area of Ecuador (excluding "Playas") from the province of Santa Elena to Esmeraldas in the northern part of the country.

Ex: This season a roadtrip along the Ruta del Spondylus is an excellent plan to get to know Ecuador and its waves.

José de la Cuadra (1903 – 1941)

Ecuadorian writer considered the best exponent of magic realism in the country and the first in Latin America.

His works are inspired by the montuvio culture highlighting Los Sangurimas, Guasinton, and Monos Enloquecidos, among others.