Tomorrow is Monday

We are in Guayaquil and tomorrow is Monday, literally. At this time, families go to church, couples go and watch the latest Hollywood a movie premiere, while a few stay at home recovering from a nasty hangover.

We are covering this event “Mañana es Lunes” organized by Fediscos. This takes place every other Sunday where bands from all over the country (and starting now from all over the world) come over and share their music in an intimate ambiance with great sound quality.

The bands that play here today show the potential that “Mañana es Lunes” has. Our opening group of musicians tonight is Róndamon, an experimental electronic band from Guayaquil formed in 2006 that due to circumstances, haven't been able to keep a regular line up. Sharing the stage today with other bands sets me in the right mood to continue creating music. It thrills me.

Our next band will be Surfistas del Sistema. They're Argentinean alternative rock / pop musicians touring Latin-America. They've already been to Argentina, Chile and Peru during this tour and will continue on to Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, finishing in México's Festival Iberoamericano de Artes Vive Latino; a very important festival in that region. After talking to the band, they seemed appreciative of having the opportunity to visit Ecuador and it's people. It was a great surprise for them to find people in Quito singing their songs. 'Up until now, we hadn't been treated this well in any other country. Here we've been offered a clean bed for each one of us and they've taken care of everything, which we are not used to', said singer Francisco Frione, while laughing.

The last band of the evening is La Tripulación de Osos (La Tri), a well-known alternative rock band from Quito, that are organizing a small tour where they play the three most important cities in the country. They played Quito on Friday, Cuenca on Saturday and Guayaquil on Sunday. If “Mañana es Lunes” did not exist, they would have most likely skipped Guayaquil.

We must recognize Pancho Feraud's (director, mentor) effort in putting this event together. He comes from a music family. The Ferauds created Fediscos, which used to be the most important record producing company during Vinyl times. We need more people like Pancho to support Ecuadorian music.

Now, Fediscos recording studio becomes every other Sunday one of the most important venues in Guayaquil. Few places motivate musicians to sound as best as possible. 'You can't pretend you are playing cause people would notice it since the sound is so good', says El Tri's vocalist Mauro Samaniego while laughing and meaning what he said.

The concert is about to begin and Pancho Feraud stands at the door to collect admissions. Even though the spectator sets his own price of admission, you can spot currency bills at the collection box. The show that's about to start is worth every penny.

The door closes and the show begins. The lights go off and you listen to the sound of music with unusual clarity. The proximity between the crowd and the band sets an intimate ambiance that transports them to a different place, to somewhere familiar. Inside this place you feel like you are in a spaceship, that takes you and the rest of the passengers to a faraway place, far away from that Monday that is about to come.