Caballo Campana


When you feel lost or in search of something deeper, you always turn to nature. Says Priscila, owner of Hosteria Caballo Campana, which couldn't be any more truthful.

It's not that we at Roadtripecuador were lost, but we were searching for a special place to close our first edition. At Caballo Campana, we found it and ended up finding ourselves.

With almost 100 years since its construction this farm keeps its traditional look. 'There is a big difference between old and antique, what's old falls apart while an antique continues through time.' Priscila's words of wisdom while sitting down with her baby on her legs next to a beautiful horse mount in mint condition

In this place you breathe nature and its pure air. The hacienda has 28 hectares of forests and gardens. Flowers of all sizes, smells and colors garnish the garden as well as the guest cabins. Each cabin is named after a special flower.

The maximum life expression and energy is found at the stable where muscular horses share a home. While some rest, others show off their abilities through jumps.

Here they have all the necessary infrastructure to train the best show jumping jockeys in the country. And that's how the Mundo Ecuestre Academy started classes for young kids and equine therapy for kids with physical or mental challenges.

'There is no other animal as helpful to mankind. Personally, I've witnessed the positive effects they have on children.” words by Juan Camacho, a co-founder of the school who holds a special relationship with these animals.

"They are like my second family. They are smart magical animals. Each one has its own personality, their way of being. Each day they give us something special.”

Everything in this place is worthy of being contemplated.

Sculptures and paintings of horses done with different techniques decorate the walls and spaces. Most of them were made by Ecuadorian artists. At the garden of the farm, they promote the harvesting of native plants. Most of them are medicinal and have disappeared from our culture.

Another tradition practiced at Caballo Campana is sharing. “La pampa mesa" - A common table. This tradition comes from Indian ancestry where they would gather up the masses to share a meal together. Here, on a much smaller scale they share this tradition every Sunday.

Another tradition that we try to keep alive at Caballo Campana is family. You find time to spend with your family to unite and strengthen it through activities. From resting with a hot beverage around the campfire, to going by horse across a portion of the Andes.

And it's in the middle of this magnificent mountain chain that you find this wonderful place. It's a tribute to life that allows us to get away from it all, and get close to what matters the most, ourselves.